Rainbow Topaz - A Very Trendy And Elegant Gemstone With Multi Colored Brilliance

Rainbow topaz is an inexpensive, elegant and trendy gemstone that has become one of today's most sought-after gems. Also known as mystic topaz, rainbow topaz is a natural topaz treated to show the desired rainbow effect. It makes for a unique piece of jewelry due to its multi-colored brilliance.

Rainbow topaz is not a naturally occurring topaz, but is made from real topaz that is treated artificially with a thin film or coating to show the desired rainbow effect. This process is called vacuum deposition. Rainbow topaz is an enhanced treated colorless topaz with rainbow effect.

Rainbow topaz is a product of pure topaz coated with an ultrathin film like the ones used on camera films. The stones pavilion, the underside angled portion that typically forms the bulk of the gem is applied with the coating, typically, a thin layer of titanium or light metal. It results to interference effect which gives rainbow effect of different colors. The coating alters the stones natural refraction. Stunning rainbow colors is then achieved.

Topaz is a gemstone of all colors, though it is commonly thought of as just sky blue gem. Usually with tints of impurities, it has the colors wine yellow or straw yellow, pale gray, red, pink, blue, orange and brown in the stone. There are also different gentle tones available which range from yellow to yellow brown, pale to medium red, pink brown, orange brown, blue and translucent or transparent. Still, this depends on the impurities present on the gemstone.

Among these colors, the most valuable is pink to reddish, while the most common is yellow with a red tint. First discovered in Russia, the pink variety of topaz is owned only by the Czar and those he chose to give the jewel to. Blue topaz is said to have healing powers to treat eye problems.

For centuries, topaz is said to have mystical powers. Egyptians believed that the gem's golden glow color came from their son god Ra, while for the ancient romance topaz is associated with Jupiter, their son god. It is also believed to improve eyesight and dispel all enchantments.

Rainbow topaz is relatively new to jewelries, while topaz is a well known semi-precious gemstone. It is a natural stone enhanced by coating treatment. Rainbow topaz is a nice pick for the following good reasons.

1.Rainbow topaz is inexpensive. Although rainbow topaz is relatively rare, it is fairly inexpensive. This is because rainbow topaz is treated, which makes it less expensive than untreated topaz.

2.Rainbow topaz is unique. Due to its iridescent effect, it's the best choice for unique rings, especially for engagement rings. Rainbow topaz engagement rings are available in different settings, sizes, shapes and styles. They are set in white and yellow gold.

Rainbow topaz jewelries are unique but do not have outrageous, unconventional styles. They are very affordable. Aside from being an inexpensive gemstone, rainbow topaz are usually set in inexpensive metals such as silver or low carat gold.

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