Divergent Colors Of Life

Divergent Colors Of Life

Life is a game to play.
It is a talk to say.
Life is a race to run.
It is a cause to have fun.

Life is a swing to ride.
It may be a cave to hide.
Life is a song to sing.
It is a bell to ring.

Life is a story to hear.
It may be a pain to bear.
Life is a love to be mad.
It is an anxiety to be sad.

Life is a journey to go on.
It is a seed to be sown.
Sometimes becomes a rose to bloom.
And sometimes blank as an empty room.

Life is a happiness to enjoy.
It can be an object to destroy.
It is a stream to flow.
And a swift wind to blow.

Life is an adventure to have risk.
It can be a force to resist.
It is a beautiful movie to watch.
And a coin to toss.

Life is a struggle to try hard.
It is an imagination of a bard.
Life is a bird to fly.
Sometimes it is a pain to cry.

Life is a mixture of joy and sorrow.
A combo of today and tomorrow.
Life is a tear to shed.
It is complicated like a web.

Life is colorful like a rainbow.
It has stages like a show.
Somewhere a lesson to learn.
and somewhere a flame to burn.

Life is a beauty to see.
It is a freedom to be free.
It is a thunder to crash.
It is a ball to smash.

Life is a poem to write.
It is a hymn to recite.
An interesting book to read.
It is a gift that we need.

Life is a good path to walk.
It is a thrill to rock.
Life is a ray to have hope.
It is a co-operation to cope.

Life is a chain of different situations.
Somewhere demotions and somewhere promotions.
Life is a garden full of flowers.
It is a bliss of spiritual showers.

Life is a gift given by god.
It is full of chances like a pod.
Life is a dream full of sweetness.
But sometimes changes into bitter harshness.

Life is an idea to live peacefully.
It is a source to help others heartily.
Life is a laughter to laugh.
Sometimes is has to face wrath.

May God bless the lives of all.
They may be able to enjoy till the last call.


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