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Divergent Colors Of Life

Divergent Colors Of Life Life is a game to play.
It is a talk to say.
Life is a race to run.
It is a cause to have fun.

Life is a swing to ride.
It may be a cave to hide.
Life is a song to sing.
It is a bell to ring.

Life is a story to hear.
It may be a pain to bear.
Life is a love to be mad.
It is an anxiety to be sad.

Life is a journey to go on.
It is a seed to be sown.
Sometimes becomes a rose to bloom.
And sometimes blank as an empty room.

Life is a happiness to enjoy.
It can be an object to destroy.
It is a stream to flow.
And a swift wind to blow.

Life is an adventure to have risk.
It can be a force to resist.
It is a beautiful movie to watch.
And a coin to toss.

Life is a struggle to try hard.
It is an imagination of a bard.
Life is a bird to fly.
Sometimes it is a pain to cry.

Life is a mixture of joy and sorrow.
A combo of today and tomorrow.
Life is a tear to shed.
It is complicated like a web.

Life is colorful like a rainbow.
It has stages like a show.
Somewhere a lesson t…

Rainbow Topaz - A Very Trendy And Elegant Gemstone With Multi Colored Brilliance

Rainbow topaz is an inexpensive, elegant and trendy gemstone that has become one of today's most sought-after gems. Also known as mystic topaz, rainbow topaz is a natural topaz treated to show the desired rainbow effect. It makes for a unique piece of jewelry due to its multi-colored brilliance.

Rainbow topaz is not a naturally occurring topaz, but is made from real topaz that is treated artificially with a thin film or coating to show the desired rainbow effect. This process is called vacuum deposition. Rainbow topaz is an enhanced treated colorless topaz with rainbow effect.

Rainbow topaz is a product of pure topaz coated with an ultrathin film like the ones used on camera films. The stones pavilion, the underside angled portion that typically forms the bulk of the gem is applied with the coating, typically, a thin layer of titanium or light metal. It results to interference effect which gives rainbow effect of different colors. The coating alters the stones natural refraction.…